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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Krishnagiri Pincode / Post Office Search (DHARMAPURI, Tamil Nadu)

Achamangalam B.O 635108KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Agaramittikkal B.O 635122KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Agraharam B.O 635002KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Alapatti S.O 635122KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Amballi B.O 635104KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Anchoor B.O 635203KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Ankinayanapalli B.O 635104KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Arasampatti B.O 635201KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Athiganur B.O 635203KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Balanapalli B.O 635121KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Balanayanapalli B.O 635108KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Bandaseemanur B.O 635104KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Bannihalli B.O 635106KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Beerpalli B.O 635115KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Belavarthi B.O 635120KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Bellarampalli B.O 635122KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Bikkanapalli B.O 635115KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Billanakuppam B.O 635115KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Bimandapalli B.O 635115KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Chaparthi S.O 635106KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Chennasandiram B.O 635121KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Chigaramaganapalli B.O 635121KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Chinnamattarapalli B.O 635120KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Chintagampalli B.O 635104KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Chowtahalli B.O 635112KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Dasiripalli B.O 635121KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Deveerahalli B.O 635123KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Doddapoovathi B.O 635122KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Dowlatabad S.O 635001KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Elathagiri S.O 635108KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Emakkalnatham B.O 635104KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Ennegolpudur B.O 635122KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Errasigalahalli B.O 635106KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Gangaleri B.O 635122KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Gangojikothur B.O 635121KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Gundalapatti B.O 635101KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Guruvinayanapalli B.O 635120KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Jagadab B.O 635112KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Jagadevi B.O 635203KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Kallukurukki B.O 635002KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Kalvehalli B.O 635101KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Kammampalli B.O 635120KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Kanakamutulu B.O 635002KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Kandikuppam B.O 635108KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Karadiguri B.O 635002KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Kathiripuram B.O 635112KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Kattinayanapalli S.O 635001KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Kodipalli B.O 635115KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Konegoundanur B.O 635121KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Kothalam B.O 635106KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Kottur B.O 635121KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Krishnagiri Courts S.O 635001KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Krishnagiri H.O 635001KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Krishnagiri Project S.O 635101KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Kuriyanapalli B.O 635121KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Kurubarahalli B.O 635115KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Kurumpatti B.O 635101KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Madepalli B.O 635121KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Maharajakadai B.O 635120KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Malaiyandahalli B.O 635112KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Mallinayanapalli B.O 635120KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Manavaranapalli B.O 635121KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Marasandiram B.O 635121KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Marudepalli B.O 635108KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Mathur S.O (Dharmapuri) 635203KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Mekalachinnampalli B.O 635120KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Mittahalli B.O 635112KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Moramadugu B.O 635122KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Mottur B.O 635112KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Nallur B.O 635121KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Naralapalli B.O 635120KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Nedumaruthi B.O 635115KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Nedungal B.O 635112KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Neralagiri B.O 635121KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Nochikuppam B.O 635121KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Orappam B.O 635108KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Paiyur B.O 635112KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Panakamutulu B.O 635106KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Pannandur S.O 635123KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Peddamelupalli B.O 635002KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Peddanapalli B.O 635002KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Peddathalapalli B.O 635002KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Penneswaramadam B.O 635112KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Periyakottapalli B.O 635002KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Periyathallihalli B.O 635112KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Perugopanapalli B.O 635203KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Pothapuram B.O 635112KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Pothinayanapalli B.O 635002KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Sadanapalli B.O 635108KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Samalpatti R.S S.O 635306KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Samanthamalai B.O 635115KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Sembadamuthur B.O 635122KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Sundekuppam B.O 635101KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Thimmapuram B.O 635112KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Thimmarayanahalli B.O 635106KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Thippanapalli B.O 635115KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Thogarapalli B.O 635203KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Varattanapalli S.O 635120KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Veppanapalli S.O 635121KrishnagiriTamil Nadu
Virupasandiram B.O 635121KrishnagiriTamil Nadu